shutterstock_516642517.jpgThe end of spring and beginning of summer is the best opportunity to liven up your home prepared for the hot weather that will be heading this way very soon.

It is a great opportunity to brighten up your color scheme and add splashes of colors which are truly evocative of a glorious summer’s day. Pale cool colours and floaty curtains that gently sway in the summer breeze can truly help to lighten your rooms and open them up to the character that’s just outside your window.

But when folks re-decorate, there’s often one part of the room that they forget about, so whilst you are contemplating the color scheme on your walls, your soft furnishings along with your decorations, spare a thought for your flooring. If you haven’t upgraded the floor in your area for a little while then maybe this summer is a superb time to do so.


If you’re more of a wrought iron floor type of person then you may never really haveshutterstock_165914879 considered incorporating hardwood flooring to your house but it is definitely a worthy contender when it comes to replacing your current floor coverings. Put aside any truths that you might have about it being cold, because hardwood floors is a fantastic way to add great warmth to your home.

Hardwood flooring does not have to be difficult or complicated to look after. If you follow the manufacturer’s instructions it can be really simple to look after on a day to day basis, meaning you spend less time around the cleanup and more time enjoying the summer sunshine. The natural markers and colourings in any wood flooring can really add an excellent layout element to any room. Whilst there is no denying that timber flooring will feel distinct under foot, a well-insulated floor should only feel warmer underfoot without altering the temperature of your space.


shutterstock_557795137The natural colours of hardwood flooring make it the ideal complement for any colour scheme. It functions equally well with abundant wintery colors and light airy summer ones so if you alter your colour scheme on a regular basis afterward hardwood flooring is the perfect way ahead. There are numerous, several types of hardwood to choose from. If you’re interested in finding something that will truly help open up your space then why not consider Maple hardwood floors, with its nice, steady grain Maple is your ideal lighter colour of wood that can make any space feel much more spacious and airy.


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